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9th November to 13th November '98

Posted 14th November 1998

Thank god we didn’t have to see much of Tim this week. I am getting pretty tired of him running around saying ‘No-one must know it’s Maria…Yadda, Yadda, Yadda”. Can’t they just shove both of them in a cupboard until B & M’s wedding? And how fortunate the Munchkiny one didn’t spot Maria on the mug in Antonio’s office when she coincidentally knocked it over. If it had been any other mug she would have perfect co-ordination near it wouldn’t she?

Do these SB writers have competitions to see who can drag out a storyline for the longest period of time? Because I can tell you right now some of them are driving me to boredom. The only laugh I had this week was Melinda making an appearance with her wooden leg. Yet another case of some one not being classed as dead unless you shoot them in the head and stab them several times then set fire to them - because that’s the only way to make sure that some body’s ever dead in SB (apart from Eddie but he was crap anyway)

My Dad won’t admit it but he is a closet SB fan but can’t believe that all these people can spend so much time talking about the same thing. I mean they keep going over everybody’s plotlines as if some of us could actually forget them.
Even my Mother is joining in now. The first thing she did when she came home saw me watching SB on Saturday was “You know Sarah really shouldn’t be wearing that dress” and then promptly walked out of the room again.

Now about this Sarah and Casey storyline inc. Congressman Blythe (- how unattractive is he?). They just keep covering the same ground don’t they? Why can’t they just have sex and get it over with. But no, the SB writers have to see how long they can keep them apart before they finally get them doing the horizontal rumba.

I’ll say this again. How annoying is the Michael/Vanessa/Virginia/Tyus thing? Wouldn’t Michael being sterile be a good thing for him and Vanessa? If they did have children would they want to put their child through the agony of having Martin’s Syndrome? I know there’s a cure but it might not work. And wasn’t it handy that Tyus just happened to have a ‘deposit’ in a sperm bank? Well I suppose they have to give Virginia something to work on before too many people got to liking her again

What’s the betting that come Monday at least one week would have past but they only had one evening of plotline had elapsed last week?
Also we are still covering old ground with Cole and Greggy etc. and the whole “You’ll never break me and Caitlin up” saga. Again isn’t it about time they did something a tad more interesting than the odd menacing stare and stand off.

The only thing that grabbed my attention was Antonio and his rather blue dreams. And yes we did need to see his sweating torso; it would have been rude to do otherwise. Considering that we didn’t, I feel, get to see enough of Ben again this week.

Just me being picky now. Isn’t he whole point of making sure that no-one knows you’ve been in room, to put everything back where you found it? Then why, if she is supposed to be some master thief, did Francessca not put back the photographs in Antonio’s draw? The answer to that would be to further the plot and to give more pausing moment s between many people with double meanings in every sentence.

Ugh! Gabi and Ricardo are making me even more ill. Are Hank and Joan the only normal couple who seems to have a normal relationship? Mind you they haven’t been in SB long so the osmosis effect has yet to envelop them into this dreamworld that is Sunset Beach.

OK enough from me this week. Hope you all will join me next week and feel free to email me with any comments you may have for next week that you would like posted here.
Here are some I got earlier.
*Meg fan, Ok well I do know that soap operas don't make to much sense most of the time, but I really don't like the fact that you make fun of it!! I love the show and Meg especially! Well bye!

*Samina parveen, this is really excellent!!!!!!

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