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10th May to 14th May 1999

Posted 15th May 1999

Truly, this week on Sunset Beach proves what a great invention the television is. I mean, you didn’t use to get quality viewing like this 20 years ago then it all started with Dallas - wasn’t that just an excellent programme? The Britain gave the world Eastenders -which I don’t think we’ve ever got proper thanx for and they use the phrase “What’s going on?” per week than the Sunset Beachers (Did anyone keep count this week?), then of course there was Absolutely Fabulous wasn’t there sweetie darlings. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Pretender… I’m sorry I’m digressing so back to Sunset beach.

Unless you were in Monaco ready for the Grand Prix this weekend you should have had no reason for missing Sunny bee this week but just in case you were: Francesca realised that she wasn’t going to get a penny out of Greggy and decided to kidnap Trey after Cole told her that she would never stand a chance with him. But lo and behold some nasty person shot her (couldn’t see that one coming could you….) and after a series of misadventures managed to jump out of a cake. Of course, everybody who could have possibly had a motive for killing her was on the scene so we have no idea who did it. She’s still hanging on in the hospital though, so my dad will be happy for a few more days (You should have seen his face when Annie appeared in the whipped cream). Bad news for Ben and Meg fans this week. Tess the mystery woman at the end of last week’s show turned up at Ben’s house with a kid in tow and it turns out this kid is Maria’s and Ben’s. Maria after her boating disaster with Ben apparently lived in Seattle with this Tess person and had Ben’s child. Tess told them that Maria knew about Ben but thought that he still thought that she slept with Derek and that’s why she didn’t come back to Sunset Beach before. When she finally did decide to come back to SB to find Ben, she left the kid, Benjy (original name thought there, huh?), with Tess who has looked after him ever since and only now has come to SB because she realised something must have happened to Maria and that’s why she never sent for Benjy. There is more to this story but it’s really tedious and no doubt the characters will keep repeating it to themselves and others during the next few weeks so you won’t miss much.

No nasty Virginia this week to make this week even more worth watching - I wonder what they are going to do with her now? We’ll have no one to wonder at performing devious, diabolical tasks, to get what they want - even if it is Michael. No one to come out with those classic bitchy one-liners, and no one to show all those other uses for kitchen utensils (turkey basters, freezers for keeping sperm in…..)

Wasn’t that just a cool fantasy that Annie had - one of the better ones I think, but that bed scene will always stay with me, no matter how hard I try to get it out of my head.

Wasn’t it just handy that Trey had a hat on that said ‘Trey’, because I doubt that his family would have known otherwise as they seem to have three different Trey’s . But like Meg’s hairstyles they seem to be interchangeable.

Why does Bette have problems saying peoples names - she calls AJ ‘molto swauve’ (or however you spell it) - I mean why? He’s not swauve, he’s not even sophisticated! And he may be tall and dark but he’s not handsome. Bette, you may be one of the better actresses on the show - but come on!

Well I hate to admit it (really I do) but old Heskin was pretty convincing this week. Believe it or not you could actually here the emotion in her voice. But that’s all I’m going to say to praise her. Now back to slagging off Caitlin - can you believe that she has a go at her husband for sleeping with her mother. I mean she pretended to be pregnant and lied about Trey being theirs for a year, and she yells at Cole for sleeping with someone when they weren’t actually seeing each other. THEY WERE ON A BREAK!

Anyway enough from me here what you thought.

I’m beginning to hate Gabi even more now she is just soooo whiney!! I can't stand the way she says 'Antonio!'. I am going to miss Francesca. Why can't they kill off Tim /Gabi/ meg instead?!

When Father Gorgeous and Gobi were fighting with the gun, how come the vase was shot??!!!

Help, I have missed every episode of Sunset Beach for the last 4 weeks. Your Omnibus section helps a bit but could any kind souls out there, who have lots of time on their hands, please -mail me with a gossip section on what's been happening. I am at desperation point now, so please help a SB fan who is becoming almost as loopy as Virginia - arghhhhhhh!!!! PS e-mail address is

: I think Annie's 50s style nightmare with Ricardo as tough talkin' cop was one of the best yet...except for that one where Cole was a mummy and Olivia was dressed up like a character form pantomime. Finally, I want some more Sara fantasies - that Charlie's Angels on was the best ever, and all the more funny because none other than Mr Spelling used to make Charlie's Angels...

See you next week...

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