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10th August to 14th August '98

Posted 15th August 1998

The second edition of 5 Omnibus. Yay!

I am sorry but this week I was really only watching one story line unfolds and I didn’t really pay attention too much else.

So let me start

Sunset Beach must be criminal’s paradise if all they have to worry about is Ricardo’s gut feelings. All you have to do is put on a southern accent and borrow one of Bruce Forsythe’s little friends that he keeps on his nightstand and Bob’s your uncle!.

What about that nut woman, Diane? Don’t you just love her? Best thing about SB this week I think. Apart from the time when AJ told Greggy that he owned sand. What a way to topple someone. Any way I digress. I swear I have never laughed so much in all my life when she started pawing Ben and all that “Oh Steele my love. My kiss brought you to life. We going to be together forever”. Excellent stuff. Ben looked so sad lying there; at least she dressed him. Hang on what am I saying? I would have liked to have seen a bit more flesh! Also where did she get those clothed from that fitted him so nicely?

They’ve also found someone who is more wooden than Caitlin, that Melinda woman couldn’t act her way out of a WET paper bag. God she’s only been in SB a day and she’s already talking to herself. I thought you had to be there at least a month before that started happening.

How does Virginia mange it. Can’t she make up her mind whether she’s going to be good or bad when she wakes up in the morning or was that a tear of joy when Vanessa told her “Make sure you do everything you can to make Michael forget that he ever loved me”.

Definite fashion mistake by Annie (she should see a therapist for those dreams she has). Did you see that shirt she had on? Raiding Bette's charity shop pile was she?
Another thing what was that thing Trey had stuck on his head? The poor boy couldn’t see a thing, that blue hat covered half his head.

Where do the SB writers get their stuff? I think the Eastenders writers have been watching too much of it as well - I mean Grant with Tiff’s mum? Slightly suss to me. (also when are Tony and Simon going to realise that the y are made for each other)

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