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Posted 16th January 1999

Hello and welcome back. Maria’s memory loss seems to be catching in Sunset Beach now for example, Cailtlin having a go at Cole for lying. Hmmm (see below for that one).

Quick summary: After changing her mind a jillion times Maria finally decided to move in with Ben and Meg. After failing to steal the necklace, Hilary offered Annie a million dollars for it, which Annie accepted but before it could happen, Annie’s ruby necklace was stolen. Cole got the blame but when searched nothing was found. Probably because Francessca got the necklace and made a run for it when Cole caused a disturbance. Caitlin realised this and got a it miffed, Cole then told her the truth about helping Francessca with the jewels from the Madonna and she felt a bit better about it. Gabi was upset when she overheard Antonio saying that there was someone he couldn’t be around so he had to move back to the mission. After threatening the woman again at the paper, Virginia finally got the sample from Vanessa. Cole realised that Olivia set him up about the jewel theft and they had a big paddy about it which included Olivia blurting out by mistake that he shouldn’t be with Caitlin and ‘her son’, but she got out of it. Hilary went after Caitlin hoping to get the jewels off Cole but Caitlin hit her with her handbag, proving she was a regular Xena, then Hilary started to, well, turn funny.

You can see Meg is trying to be cool about Maria moving in it but you can sense she’d rather Maria was back at Cedar Oaks or at least living with her nutty mother. Actually, I see no reason why she couldn’t go and live with Ricardo for a bit, I think it would still have the same effect don’t you? You now him being HER BROTHER and all?

And, I’m sorry but Caitlin having a go at Cole for lying? Pot calling the kettle black there I feel. Has she forgot to mention to him that the child he believes is their own actually isn’t? She wants to get a life, I mean how many times has she forgiven him for his little deviations. Just give him the boot girl and get it over with please. At least a plus would be so we don’t then have to put up with your parents little scams to keep getting Cole out of your life.
And Livvy getting physco over Cole leaving with trey, wouldn’t people be getting a bit suss and wondering where the people with the white coats are. Hilary is also stupid. Why did she kidnap Caitlin and take her from where she was because she wanted to know where Cole was. Why didn’t she just wait for Cole to turn up to meet Caitlin and then ask him where the jewels were?

Well wasn’t that a brilliant FBI outfit that Virginia kitted herself out in? Because the FBI always go around with big yellow letters all over their jackets and hats don’t they? Excellent line though - “I wonder if Vanessa’s one-night stand with my turkey baster spawned a little Tyus junior?” I wonder in real,life if anyone could have actually pulled it off, I suppose if you were really desperate (no doubts about Virginia there, eh?) you could get so far.

Just like men hey, never notice when you get your hair cut do they? Greggy didn’t even say a thing when Annie appeared with half her hair cut off. Also avoiding the question when Annie asked him if he was still in love with Livvy and not even giving her a vague answer.

I’m also beginning to wonder if the writers of this show take it seriously with Annie’s little scenario with her little angel and devil on her shoulders. Either that or they’d been smoking the wacky baccy that morning.

Quote of the week.

It’s not good when it comes to the stage where two people can’t ‘enjoy’ a cigar together without it appearing on the Internet.
~ Bette talking about a certain US President.

Here are some of your comments


Caitlin, even in the Jewels youstill looked crap!.

Kam Heskin

Please somebody put me out of my misery!

Katie Fletcher and Rachael Tracy

Antonio is the fittist bloke on SB


All the characters are cack except for father fit of course!!!!

Thats all for now see you next week!

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