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12th April 1999 to 16th April 1999

Posted 17th April 1999

Excellent quotes this week
Annie to Cole: “Just watch what kettle you’re calling black stud boy”

Franny to Gregory: “Just a moment tall, dark and obvious”

Wasn’t this great television this week? However, did we really need to see Sarah and Casey getting hot and heavy - I think not. Actually, I don’t think we needed to see Antonio doing anything with Gabi either, it put me right off my food - although Antonio did get most of his kit off.

Anyhoo, other things happening on the beach this week: After getting down and doing the deed in AJ’s office, Antonio and Gabi were rescued by Ricardo, Casey and Hank, who wearing invisible hard hats, (well how come they were the only one’s with out them?). Meg and Ben ended up at some abandoned house after Ben’s car also died on him and they ended up getting down and doing the deed as well (lots of that this week) and said he wanted to be with her not Maria - Maria did not take this too well as you can imagine and her neck stretched to new lengths. Michael stopped Virginia from leaving and dragged her to the hospital to tell Tyus exactly what happened concerning Vanessa’s baby which she did lose in the end. Cole told Caitlin that he think Olivia’s baby is still alive. Annie told Cole that she knows about him and Livvy and that unless he stops trying to find out about Brock she’ll tell all. Franny told Greggy that she “wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow at AJ” until she got some money up front. Annie let slip to Cole that Livvy knows what happened to her son when she and Cole nearly went over a cliff. Gabi and Antonio are confused about what to do now.

Did anyone else count how many times Francessca said that there were camera’s in AJ’s office and that no matter what happened one would still be working - hmm, I wonder how that’s going to crop up in a future storyline? I mean, what do we know that happened in AJ’s office that could have been caught on camera?

Aww wasn’t that sweet that bantering between Ben and Meg when they found each other on the road - it showed that Meg still has one more side to her character, and as far as I’m concerned that’s still two more than Maria.

What is it with Sarah and her fantasies about Casey and Meg - that woman has got some serious issues about fantasising about her boyf and her sister - but I think the less said about that the better don’t you.
Anyway, Annie’s are much funnier - what the hell was Livvy supposed to be doing with Cole in that little one? I really think the ‘actors’ (I use the word loosely concerning some of the people on the show - not mentioning Randy Spelling at all) have to stop laughing while doing those scenes, and the ones in Annie’s fantasies ;-}

OK that’s all for this week - there won’t be a 5 Omnibus next week (April 24th) as I am going to be in New York - yes I did say New York. But if I get the chance to watch any episodes of Sunny B over there I will gladly give any juicy spoilers to its loyal fans over here. (Remember the ‘Sunset Beach’ Omnibus is on at 2.00pm next week)

Here are some of you comments

Mrs Antonio Torres
Were those hot moments with Antonio & Gabi and thenwith Ben & Maria or what!!!!

Oh Tim, you made me chuckle with your little comment to us. You are so cheesy, with your little tight pants... but we still want to punch you.
Strawberry muffins! your fav breakfast Ben? we thought it was that Cherry pancake thing "Dana" (Maria) made you???????????????

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