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12th October to 16th October '98

Posted 17th October 1998

Well I have to say watching this weeks episodes - I quite enjoyed them. Unlike Titanic, you can get up and make a cup of tea during the ads.

One slight flaw I would like to point out - I don’t know if anybody else wondered. Wouldn’t the hull of the ship be a tad thicker than a couple of inches? Also why would dials and switches and even an oxyacetylene welding kit be in the hull of the ship, which, if I’m not mistaken (feel free to correct me on this) would normally be empty? And ... wasn’t that hole that Ricardo cut a little too square? Most people would have cut a circle - well I would anyway. I’m just glad they remembered to put the signs upside down and the lights on the floor.

And also about Cole - I wouldn’t worry, you know nobody’s ever dead in this programme unless they’ve been shot in the head. And as for that supposed bullet wound Francesca got. That was never bullet hole. That only grazed her arm by the size of that wound. And another thing if Phillip was supposed to be shooting at Cole and the direction Fran was coming from how did she mange to get shot in that particular place?

Thank God we saw hardly anything of Michael and Vanessa and that little saga. Bet Virginia’s gutted Michael’s the only one about who seems to have actually got Martins Syndrome. Shame.

If Southbay General is supposed to be big hospital, how come they all manage to bump into each other there. No wonder Meg is on first name terms with the nurse, she’s there nearly every week. Shame we didn’t see enough of Ben this week. But reading forward thanks to NBC episode archives I think he’ll have his hands full for a while to go yet.

And yet again the wonderful pausing moments are thrown in our face. One of them being ‘Dana’ gawping at Ben’s keys and that Doctor took an awful long time to tell Livvy about Trey. And of course ‘Dana’ had to have those flashbacks about drowning and Dim Tim saying "You know you look familiar". Also wouldn’t Ben have had at leats a photograph of Maria about the place or at least one of his friends that Meg could have seen or at elates asked to have looked at?

Anyway enough from me see ya next week

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