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13th September to 17th September 1999

Posted 18th September 1999

Iím sorry but I really must protest, there I am trying to eat my lunch and I am presented with nothing other than a post shag, Ben and Maria. That is one image I do not want with me the rest of my life, but alas it is going to be burned into my mind just the same as the Gabi/Antonio tape.

Brief run down - Before he got to confront Gabi and Antonio, Ricardo had a stroke. He was rushed to hospital and the outcome was that he is conscious but canít talk or move, handy huh? Anyway, no one can figure out why the machines suddenly go hyper whenever Gabi and Antonio are in his room together and Tyus put down Ricardo trying to strangle Gabi as an involuntary muscle spasm.
Sara and Casey have broken up. Ben and Meg have broken up. Casey and Meg Ďconsoleí each other. Sara walks in on Casey and Meg Ďconsolingí each other and tells Casey that he can have Meg because she doesnít want to be second best. Meg walked in on Ben and Maria Ďconsolingí each other (A lot of consoling this week) and ran off (well I would - enough to scar someone for life that was). Gregoryís memorial service went ahead with everyone saying although he was initially a psychotic bastard, he did like people sometimes.

I need a doctor. I really did feel sorry for Sara this week. I mean really she didnít do anything that terrible and she was right to do what she did. Casey should have tried to remember which sister he was actually going out with at times. Men!

Men! (I will say again) I canít believe Ben actually slept with Maria. Isnít he supposed to be desperately in love with Meg or did I just completely misread their relationship the last couple of years? I canít believe that he would be that insensitive to go humping his wife in less that 24 hours. But, then this is Sunset Beach, a place where even Randy Spelling is thought to be attractive.

Please tell me why Ricardo couldnít have been allowed to strangle Gabi? I wouldnít have missed her, and Iím sure Carmen wouldnít have shed a tear. Anyway, it was hardly the Vulcan death grip he had her in was it? She could have easily broken his fingers. Wait back up, this is Gabi. The woman would strain a muscle if she tried to break a cracker in half. Anyway, of course they canít figure out that possibly Ricardo may know about their little tryst, no Tyus (of course heís Ricardoís doctor - well he is the only one in the place). Tyus said itís because heís frustrated. Well I think any man in his position would be frustrated - he canít get out of bed to kill his brother who slept with his fiancťe. Iíd say frustrated is just the half of it.

I think what this show needs is another one of Annieís fantasies, just to lighten the mood. Itís all doom and gloom at the moment, hardly anyone has a happy relationship be it with their family of their partner. I have suggestion, perhaps Sean and Caitlin could contract some incurable disease, one that Tyus has got no chance of finding a cure for at least before they die, therefore putting a good majority of viewers out of their weekly torture of having to watch these talentless bits of fluff parade around the screen.

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