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14th June to 18th June 1999

Posted 19th June 1999

Somebody did the one thing that I’ve been wanting to do for ages this week in Sunset Beach - no not stick my in a turkey - but shoot Ricardo. I think shooting him in the chest was probably the best bet of killing him because he doesn’t have much of a brain to damage.

Those of you watching 'Three Men and a Little Lady' on the other hand may want to know what else happened. Annie found the gun in the turkey but had second thoughts about calling the police and decided to plant the gun on Cole (which Caitlin found) and then called the police anonymously. Gregory made Caitlin sign divorce papers. Antonio and Gabi found a clue as to where Francesca may have hidden the tape and went up to the cabin that she had rented where they inevitably got stuck because of a storm coming in and Antonio asked Gabi if she really was in love with Ricardo and not just feeling obligated to love him. As mentioned above Ricardo was shot in the Java Web trying to protect Annie.

Perhaps the NHS should invest in training doctors to be like Tyus then they wouldn’t have to employ so many doctors to be specialists - they’d just call in The Super Doc who would sort out prob in no time. How is it possible that Tyus can do all these jobs? Does the man have no life? (Actually, that’s kind of a stupid question.

What the hell was up with Meg’s hair? Dos the woman get so bored living with her fiancée, his wife and their son and the nanny that she has to find some kind of relief in finding new ways to piss about with her hair. The woman obviously has some kind of obsession and is obviously a glutton to punishment she is living with her loved one’s wife and their kid. I mean what the hell is Ben doing to that woman - I know the man is lovely and everything but he is obviously got some of the traits of his twin putting the woman he supposedly loves through that daily - he obviously has no wish for a normal life. (Again a stupid point as it is Sunset Beach)

Woo hoo we actually saw Casey for once without Sister Sara struck to his side. Bloody miracle if you ask me. We didn’t have to put up with her simpering over his shoulder and pulling that face she is so well known for. You know, the one where she looks like someone just took her Big Yellow Teapot (remember them? - I had one) away from her. Not that Casey resembles a Big Yellow Teapot - he’s more like a Ken doll - you know the kind with no male anatomical features.

As lovely as Antonio is I want to slap him in the face for his efforts with Gabi the woman is, well she’s indescribable. Just let her marry Ricardo they belong together -they’re both pointless bits of fluff.

Cole is looking even more ravishing - at last he seems to have ditched the pink polo neck and gone for a more jewel thief look (well you can’t really say “I’m a jewel thief” wearing a pink polo neck can you?).

Ricardo is the most useless police officer ever - he should have just used Maria as a shield for Annie, that really would have made my day that would, But then again that woman can survive a drowning and seemingly five years of putting up with Benji - so I don’t think she’d have much trouble with a bullet… maybe if you set fire to her as well………..

All right enough of me for this week

Here’s two weeks worth of your comments….

Annie and Jerry Springer are made for each other. He should join the regular cast.

Mrs Antonio Torres
Is there any way that Smeg could go into one of the many rooms at Ben's house, get lost in the maze of corridors and fall down a shaft? I know only Sunset Beach could do that and get away with it so why don't they let that happen? I am a big Ben and Maria fan!!

The bit when Ben, Meg, Meg's family, Father Fit, Gobby and Maria were gathered round waiting for Tyus to spill the beans - did anyone else notice that Maria was actually laughing?

At certain angles, Gabi resembles Antonio, don't you agree? Cole & Ricardo are so GOOD-LOOKING!! Ben & Tim are just downright ugly. there are now 2 pointless storylines - the one involving Sara & Tim & whatever so-called lies she told Casey, and, the other one with Sean , Amy & Emily. why are the girls crazy over Sean?! Even Tim looks [slightly] better than him! I suppose he gets to play the most-sought-after good guy because he is Aaron spelling’s kid. I still think Benji is Tess & Derek’s spawn. that kid is ugly & he can't act! I also think that Gabi might be pregnant with Antonio’s child. this would be so sunset-beach-ish. AJ & Olivia did not kill Francesca because Frannie tried to get their attention after she was shot. [she wouldn't do that if they were the ones who shot her.] enough rambling for now. by the way, the new-look Cole is so much hunkier-looking!

Rhiannon Price
Why the hell did Bette and Live put the gun up the turkey's ass? In addition, why did Brad go down it? I mean it's not the most obvious of places is it?

Mrs Antonio Torres
Will everyone on Sunset Beach stop saying what a wonderful & nice person Smeg is!!!! Don’t they realise that the Munchkin is a prize BITCH!!! Just look at the episodes of the 7th-11th!!!! I rest my case. Also what a joke it is about Smeg's so called "job" with Gregory, for goodness sake the woman has more sick and days off than the MD (Managing Director for those of you who don’t work in an office)!!!!!

See you next week...

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