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14th September to 18th September '98

Posted 21st September 1998


Bit of a let down this week from last week but still all in all a good effort.

How long does a baptism take? Mind you it is Sunset Beach and they seem to be in a different time zone to the rest of the planet. I mean Meg had only been in Kansas 3days in Sunset Beach when she went back home but when Ben arrived suddenly sheíd been out there 2 weeks!

Annieís totally flipped now. Iím sure of it, jumping about in the toilets in sack dresses singing to herself and if she pouts anymore sheíll do herself some damage. Best moment - when the brat threw up on her dress.

I have never really liked the character of Meg, not just because of the Ben thing but because she is just so nice to every one - except when she clocked Annie one that was just excellent. Anyway, I digress, she must be starting to go mad by now I think just by a long shot she must be the character who talks most to themselves and even then I think her subconscious is rather dim as she still repeats it to her self afterwards. I mean if she really loved Ben she should have told him straight away about getting it on with Evil twin, I wouldnít have personally Iím just saying thatís what she should have done, instead of boring her sister and us with that constantly annoying voice of hers, Iím sorry but it is annoying, about whether or not she should tell him. To tell you the truth, I donít care anymore.

Ah Tim Tim Tim. What are we going to do know that Dim Tim is now going to be back on the streets perhaps he will get together with that screaming woman at Cedar Oaks whoís Maria. NOO NOO NOO I said DANA (I've been reading to far ahead ignore what I said please!)

And amazingly we didnít see any of the M/V/V and Super Doc storyline last week, and thatís all Iím going to say about that.

Back to the baptism. Olivia needs therapy, actually they all do, but Olivia especially didnít she think that she knew her daughter well enough to now that she cold tell her daughter about her and Cole. I mean itís not as if Caitlin and Cole were actually going out at the time they had there affair was it? People are so messed up in Sunset Beach, must be something in the air.

I think John Darvellís ĎRitardoí is an apt name now. I mean as if Ben would come over to his house and admit that he killed Maria, Díuh! How stupid is he? He is supposed to be a detective for crying out loud, common sense should be a prevailing factor in this somewhere.

Anyway Iím tired now so Iím going to stop writing because basically I feel there wasnít enough to get your teeth into this week.

Anyway I hope you all keep watching the show forever more. More next week, Bye.

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