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15th Feb '99 - 19th Feb '99

Posted 20th Feb 1999

First things first I mentioned the other week that British soaps don’t have the kind of plotlines that Sunset Beach does. This was before Eastenders came up with their newest murder storyline. First they hired a blonde actress who couldn’t act (the only thing Saskia did convincingly was die) then they had the ex 80’s pop group member and his lackey bury her in the woods ALA Shallow Grave. And this story is set to run for nine months - now tell me if that doesn’t sound familiar to a possible SB plot.

Back to SB - a quick summary. Vanessa told Smeg that the baby may be Tyus’ but was advised not to tell Michael until she was sure. Maria is still faking her memories and Ben was having doubts until she said she remembered being in love with him but can’t express it because of Meg (Nice touch) and then asked Estrada to declare her legally competent to sign divorce papers. Antonio went to meet the guy who had the Madonna, Gabi followed him and they ended up trapped in a boat for several hours. When the guy turned up dead, it raised Ricardo’s suspicions that something was amiss. Emily is still blind (I’m not doing anymore jokes about Sean today) and Amy is trying to get the necklace back to lift the curse. Olivia was told about the Rosario jewels and their effect and she said she remembered Amy and Brad finding the emerald. Caitlin and Annie persuaded Olivia to give them the money to pay the blackmailer after telling her about what he knew.

Didn’t you just love Sean’s running ALA Baywatch style to save Emily from that ’speeding’ truck. Wow that really got you on the edge of your seat didn’t it?
Also does Brad have any other clothes apart from that lovely shirt?. Any why did Amy put those gloves on? Hadn’t she already touched the emerald when she found it on the pier?

I asked my sister whom she’d rather go out with - Antonio or Ricardo - she said “Well I don’t know - I think Antonio definitely looks better now with his hair cut.” But to give her some credit she has been under a lot of stress recently with her mock exams, which probably resulted in her, lack of judgement.
Gabi and Antonio - if these two create anymore sexual tension they’d be giving Mulder and Scully a run for their money in those particular stakes. And hands up those girls out there who would give their right arm to be in her place.

Could Meg be any nicer? I can’t honestly believe that woman - I mean if your husband’s dead wife turned up on your wedding day would you let her move in with you? I know I wouldn’t but then I have all my faculties. My dad has a theory about her (yes he watches it as well) his words - ”It’s not like she’s a can short of a six pack - she just hasn’t got the plastic bit that holds them all together”

I wonder if you linked Sarah and Annie’s minds together if you could get a movie out of their daydreams. Although tame as Sarah’s was, she has the potential to do better, I think we should watch out for her in the future she has the skills to make Casey unhappy and I’m all for that.

Here are some of your comments

Mrs Antonio Torres
, The storyline between Bette and Emily was wonderful. The two stories she told Emily to help her come to terms with being blind was just perfect. The scriptwriters really did a wonderful job and the actresses finished the whole thing off. It made me cry, it was that outstanding and believable!!

Meg deserves Ben more than anything especially after all they have been through!!!!

Barney Conway
I hope Antonio and Gabi get jiggy with it

Dee Murray
Come on Gabi, get off with Antonio so I can have a vicarious affair. He is definitely the best thing about SB.

I think Greggy is the Mystery Caller!

Amanda Pickersgill
I wish that Antonio and Gabi would just get together, she can just be his bit on the side and he can stay a priest. No forget it, I’ll have him.

Anyway all for this week. Join me again next week for much of the same.

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