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15th March 1999 to 19th March 1999

Posted 20th March 1999

"Can open - worms everywhere" (A quote from 'Friends' I though most appropriate for this week)
Well we certainly had a lot of secrets aired this week and it made good television watching. It was totally worth waiting all those months for just being able to see Gregory's reaction when Annie told him that Trey is Cole and Olivia's child, and might I add some good acting on Sarah Buxtons part there.

For those of you who were watching the highlights of the Rugby here is a quick summary.
Annie found out that Gregory was the blackmailer and retaliated when Gregory said he was going to send her to jail that Trey was Cole's son and not his. Gregory realised that if the truth did come out that Cole would get Trey becuase he was the only one who didn't lie in the hole horrible stuation. Gregory told Caitlin that he new about Trey not being her son and that he had sorted out the blackmailer by telling her it was an emloyeee at the hospital she was in when she lost her baby. Virginia planted a letter in Michael and Vanessa's place that said that Vanessa was further along in her pregnancy, Michael confronted his beloved about it and she confessed all and as you can guess he wasn't to impressed and Tyus found out that it cold be his as he walked in on them arguing. Maria realises that she does have feelings for Ben and told him that she wasn't going to sign the divorce papers, Meg is extremely peeved and took off her weding ring and left it at Ben's. Sarah is still trying to hold onto Casey but still hasn't managed to break a smile in two weeks. And last but not least the deluded Emily nearly lept with Sean but before she could make that mistake Amy set off the fire alarm so no nooky for Sean.

Casey can be really insensitive he told his gorlfriend that he would rather sort out his girlfriends sisters problems before consulting his own relationship problems. That man should really think before he speaks.

Well would you believe it the most wooden character own the show actually showed us that he has a personality, I nearly fell off my seat as the most stupid man on the show (in other words the only one who can't see that Virginia wants to get in his trousers) actually put some feelings into his words as he argued with Vanessa.

I extremely miffed this week while watching the omnibus that Fathr Antonio only got one littleappearence at the end - do they not knoww that to keep all the girls watching that he should be in at least one episode a week and if not at least he should not be wearing many clothes when we do see him.

I'm still in shock at the medical marvel that is Maria. Come on Tiffany fell down the stairs and she ended up in a coma and that was just those few in the Queen Vic, this Maria fell down what was supposedly very hard stairs smashed her head several times and only ended up with a plaster on her head. (maybe she has the same condition as Sean, who when he has major brain surgery had just a plaster and was up and about the next day)
Also she has good medical insurance - it includes being able to provide nurses or some other staff who are able to come in and give you a make over and style your hair (obviously Sean didn't have this -his hair looks like a toilet brush thats just been used).

I think you go through stages of really beginning to like the despicable charcters in the show but then just as quickly hating them on sight. Take Gregory for instance, quite lke him before now he taken it just that tad to far. Also Virginia, quite liked her when she was only trying to break Michale and Vanessa up sublty but I hardly think inseminating someone with stolen sperm with a turkey baster is subtle - more like "where the bloody hell are the men in the white coats".

Here are some of you comments

Strange how Maria fell down the stairs and the Christmas decs where there, everyone rushes to the hospital, when they come back the Christmas decs are gone... is there a pixie we should know about?
Well done Susan Ward, Not being a big fan of Smeg head but this week your acting was top standard and I almost felt sorry for her. A good performance!

Annie: 'I was getting a colonic - I felt all blocked'(Monday the 15th) More than we need to know, sweetie.

Ketchup Girl
Where's the afternoon edition gone? I NEED Sunny Bee!

Maria's fall was a classic, but it is a pity Smeg didn't throw herself down the stairs after her!

I hope Ben & Meg get back together, and get Maria out of there life.

Birmingham Physics MSc
We want afternoons back!!!!!

Mrs Antonio Torres
I thought Emily's eyesight had been restored? If that was the case, then how come she hasn't noticed how ugly Sean is. It just shows what having Aaron Spelling as your father can do!!!

Thatís all for this week. Until next week.

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