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15th November to 19th November 1999

Posted 20th November 1999

You might be wondering why there hasnít been any Ď5 Omnibusí for three weeks. Well itís long and complicated and yesterday I managed to get back into my web file directory to actually do anything to my site.
Well a lot has happened in that time. Emily found out about Amy and Sean. Gregory had a second Will and apparently is now dressing up as his Uncle Tobias (Iím sorry but if you really think itís actually a relative of his called Tobias you havenít been watching Sunset Beach for very long). Meg has changed into a completely different person and doesnít take quite so long to complete a sentence now. Ben and Maria are together. Caitlin wants to get her mother declared unfit. AJ's protťgť, Jude is now in charge of the Liberty Corporation. Ricardo is determined to get revenge on his brother after telling the Archbishop about Antonio and Gabi.

This week on Sunset Beach: Ben returns from his fact finding mission in Seattle (heís a completely different person if you ask me), he then informs Maria that he wants to become a proper family with her and the devil child. Ben though canít seem to keep his mind of Meg. The Archbishop informs Antonio that he is sending him to a monastery, but then lo and behold as soon as he gets outside Carmen runs him over and kills him. Ricardo decides that with all the coverage that this event could get he decides to keep quiet about why the Archbishop made that decision and thinks of another way to get his revenge. Before Annie can get Tobias to sign over the estate to her, Cole and Livvy burst in. After a rather long argument later ends with Tobias deciding that he will go to California to take charge of Gregoryís estate, thus no one gets a penny of Greggyís money. Cole and Annie are arrested on the way back but Annie still manages to get back on the plane. Sara gets asked out by Jude and is quite pleased by the fact that Casey appeared to be jealous. Mrs Moreau plans to blackmail Amy about the love drug she gave her.

Caitlin doing a research paper? Doesnít quite ring true, would this be for the imaginary college she goes to? I think Caitlin attempting any kind of intellectual stimulus would require a miracle.

Iím quite beginning to like this devious side to Ricardo, it makes a change from the bumbling cop routine, although heís bordering on the psychotic. It must be Gabiís Anthea Turner hair flicks that are driving him over the edge.

There is honestly nothing worse than a simpering Olivia. That display she put on for Tobias was revolting. Olivia is at her best when she and Annie are having it out with each other. Nobody can stare someone down like Livvy. Pity she canít see that Tobias looks uncannily like her supposedly dead ex-husband.

I must say that Jude is quite delectable in my opinion. Why did they have to leave it so late to bring him in?

What can I say about the new Meg? Well as I said before she can say a sentence quicker than Susan Ward and her eyebrows donít seem to have a life of their own, and she actually looks like she could be a member of her family. She doesnít call Ben ĎBiiní or Maria ĎMareeeaí and her hair has stayed in the same style for more than a week. Somehow itís just not the same is it?

Well thatís all for this week. Join me next week when we learn that you should always make sure that a body is found before you assume someone is actually dead.

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