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14th December to 18th December '98

Posted 20th December 1998

Well I think a round of applause is in order for all the cast this week (well excluding some), an all round effort if I do say so. Especially Susan Ward, who did the best acting I’ve ever seen her do and to Clive Robertson who despite having his character Ben come face to face with a wife he thought was dead, kept his cool wonderfully.
I was even reduced to tears when Ben told Meg that he still wanted to spend the rest of hi life with her. Very sweet.

Worst acting honours go to the actress who plays Maria. Does the word melodramatic mean anything to her? She could give Livvy a run for her money. I mean come on if she put her hand to her brow and looked ‘damsely’ anymore times than she did I would have caught a plane and whacked her one

Well down to business. First we had the really exciting wedding reception (that is before the catching of the bouquet that is) You know I’ve been to happier funerals. And you know as I said above Ben was not that enthused to see her I mean he wasn’t running around shouting “My God she’s alive! She’s alive!” was he? At least Carmen showed a bit of emotion even if she did go a bit nutso in the end. And Antonio and Ricardo were suitably astounded. Annie was suitably bitchy and Meg should have whacked her more than once but she does have a good arm on her (actually so do I but that’s because I used to throw javelin) any way what was the thing that Annie was carrying about with her? Was that supposed to be her bag?

I must say the biggest laughs I had from last week were Virginia preparing herself to ‘inseminate’ Vanessa with Tyus’s sperm via a turkey baster. Of course it’s going to work I mean its Sunset Beach isn’t it? All the most ludicrous plans work in SB. And why does she keep having to make herself look even more suspicious everytime she opens her mouth? When Michael asked her how she knew that the lamp was broken when she knocked it over after doing ‘the deed’, I don’t think a ten minute pause was necessary - she could have said she saw it when she was in the room and buggered off sharpish. I mean if she can think up these schemes then she can think up a suitable lie can’t she?
I do actually like the character of Virginia she so more my kind of ‘bitchier’ than Annie, who’s just trampy bitchy but then I don’t like the character of Vanessa so anything that can be done to her the better.

So from the wedding of the year we had the biggest upset of the year. Hank and Joan seem to be the only normal couple in SB. But probably not for long.

Hope to see you next week when we’ll see more of Melodramatic Maria, Bondman Ben and Crazy Carmen. Have fun! Ben and Megs and A happy Christmas!!!!!!!

Sara My comment for 5 Omnibus:

I can definitely see Maria with Ben. Ihope they get together in the future. And no, since I've been watching Sunset Beach, the Ben/Meg wedding hasn't been a top priority to watch. Watching Annie get caught for stealing Trey is what's on my mind.

Jason My comment for 5 Omnibus: I'd Like to go to sunset beach

Andy My comment for 5 Omnibus:

In this fabulous week everyone seems to have missed the fantastic quote when Vanessa got doe eyed about Meg and Ben and Maria and said to Michael "Promise me what happened to them won't happen to us" Well some chance unless his evil twin pushed his ex bird off a boat 5 years ago eh ??? Absolutely priceless !!!!

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