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16th November to 20th November '98

Posted 23rd November 1998

Well what a good week for slanging matches eh? Livvy and Annie in the ĎPower Plantí (Iíll get onto that later) Livvy again with Francesca in Coleís room. Annie and Meg (wherever they were supposed to be). Now that is good telly watching a war of words

Only managed to catch bits of the omnibus and me being at work full-time this week hindered my usual daily dosage (as I handily only work afternoons - Good old Norfolk County Council who pay my wages), so you will have to forgive me if I seem to have missed anything out as I canít report on what I havenít seen. (Also I went to the NBC site yesterday to catch up on the story lines but the October ones werenít there - Iíve only gone up to B & Mís wedding. Can somebody help?)

So what have we had this week? Annie trying to get inside Greggyís pants so that heíd forfeit and sign over her stock back. Olivia getting slightly scary about Trey and being bitchy with Annie and Franny. Ben coincidentally not seeing Maria every time he gets a chance to. Tim lurking about. (Does he do anything else?) Virginia up to her old tricks trying to get Tyusís sperm and some how Ďimplantí it in Vanessa (donít ask). Antonioís past is catching up with him and Gabi is a little susí. The Munchkin is too wrapped up in wedding plans to give a s**t and little Sis is too wrapped up in Casey who couldnít give a s**t. (Or so it would seem.....).

Now about this Sarah and Casey storyline inc. Congressman Blythe (- how unattractive is he?). They just keep covering the same ground donít they? Why canít they just have sex and get it over with. But no, the SB writers have to see how long they can keep them apart before they finally get them doing the horizontal rumba.

OK first things first. How, even if Virginia manages to get Tyusís sperm, is she ever going to get Vanessa to Ďproduceí a baby with Tyus as the father? I mean she canít exactly slip it her drink can she? It doesnít really work that way, and I canít see Vanessa letting Virginia any where near her with a turkey baster (think about it), can you? And why does Virginia always put on an accent when sheís doing all these things. It hasnít helped her so far has it?

ĎNiagraí. Iím sorry, but what on earth were the writers of this show thinking about when they thought up this story line? Actually I guess thatís a pretty easy question to answer donít you? ;-}And doesnít it sound so like ĎViagraí? A drug that does exactly the same thing, isnít that just so amazing?!

You know what? Iíve decided that I donít like Maria or Dana or whatever you want to call her. I really canít see Ben with her can you? She is so simpering and doe-eyed you just want to kick her in the teeth. At least Meg can throw a punch (remember that memorable scene when she smacked Annie one?) or even Annie being friends with her.

Now about Annie meeting Livvy in that ĎPower Plantí - yes we all saw the irony but how on earth did they manage to get there in the first place? Judging by all the noise and stuff the plant was still operational so how did they manage to get there without security noticing them or something. Presumably they didnít just walk in and say "Excuse me? Do you mind if I just go to see someone in your basement to have a conversation. Look I donít have a bomb or anything." (But mind you they can bring people back from the dead in this show).

I am also noticing that Cole is losing his appeal. Can it be? Answers on a postcard please

I am also noticing that Cole is losing his appeal. Can it be? Answers on a postcard please

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