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17th August to 21st August '98

Posted 22nd August 1998

I was only half watching the omnibus this week I have to admit because I am a big athletics fan and so was watching the European Championships, so anything I have to say this week is on stuff I actually saw having not seen any during the week.

Favourite bit of the week? Definitely had to be Olivia dumping those flowers over Annie. The expression on Annie’s face was a picture. Seemed to put a damper on her little fantasies she has about her father about getting Greggy. (Mind you, anything she can dream up now can’t compare with that dancing baby in Ally McBeal this week)

You know it would probably help Evil Twin become more ‘Ben like’ more easily if he acted less suspiciously and wasn’t so paranoid all the time. And Oh My God, the Bruce Forsythe wig was back, that thing looks more like it should have a trap set for it should it ever fall off his head!.

I think Ben is probably getting fed up with people injecting him with stuff. Also, couldn’t Ben tell he was dealing with a bit of a nut? Wouldn’t the best idea be to play along so he could get out of there? No, he had to yell at her and tell her he had a fiancée. Clever huh? (Liked Diane’s “I’ll be back”) You can hear the voices in the background for Diane “They’re coming to take me away ha ha he he ho ho” - maybe she should go and see Gabi’s therapist

They’ve also found someone who is more wooden than Caitlin, that Melinda woman couldn’t act her way out of a WET paper bag. God she’s only been in SB a day and she’s already talking to herself. I thought you had to be there at least a month before that started happening.

Why does Gabi insist on wearing pink? And by what chance she mentioned this journal enough times before her bag was stolen, if not I doubt we would have given a damn.

Finally Meg twigs that something is amiss with her loved one. About time too - If she was supposed to be so in love with Ben she would have questioned it before wouldn’t she?

I couldn’t help but laugh when Casey was talking to the potential lifeguards and said “…you have to have a lot of physical strength” and the camera changed to a close up of Sean. And did we really need to see Sean running up and down the beach? Good job I wasn’t eating anything.

This is the only thing I can say about the whole Michael/Virginia/Vanessa plotline - get it over with already!!

Nothing really exciting happening with Greggy V any Deschanel - could not care less really. (But Cole did look v. fetching in that maroon top).

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