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19th September to 23rd October '98

Posted 24th October 1998

Good dose of SB this week. See I was right about Annie having a picture of Maria. Shame she never got it out and shoved it under Megís nose when she was trying to get Ben she did nearly everything else. Well anyway at least theyíve officially told us that ĎDanaí was actually Maria, even though weíve all known that since we first saw her.

So letís start off with the reappearance of Benís first wife, Maria the Muppet. If sheís any more melodramatic in the way she acts she be shoving Lesley Anne Downe of that first place podium spot for over acting. Also isnít Maria supposed to be the same age as Annie? She looks the same age as Meg to be honest. Perhaps itís just me. If anyone has any clues to this anomaly please tell me.

I feel I have to comment on the Martinís Syndrome storyline. Now I think it would be a good idea to try the cure on Michael first considering that heís the only one who has actually got it. Best bit of acting heís done for along while that nifty bit of fainting. Shame that he might die. Iím sorry if there are any ĎMichaelí fans out there. Perhaps you can email me and tell me what is so appealing about him, because Iím at a loss. So how come it took this long for Michael to figure out that Tyus was in love with Lumpy Chops - (also why did Vanessa bother wearing that headscarf if she had it pulled away from her face so that all the bubble wrap was showing? Kinda defeated the whole purpose there donít you think?) - I mean we knew that from the start that Tyus was getting itchy pants for her.

The whole Trey story line was getting a bit tedious this week. And is it me or is that an extremely large child that they use for Trey? Also wouldnít they have taken a tad quicker time to get the blood from the birth mother if Treyís condition was supposed to be so serious? It must have taken them, judging by all the other things that were happening in other storylines, at least an hour before they got round to getting any blood from anyone. In ĎERí they would have whipped her away as soon as possible and got her blood.

And the Amazing AJ - he can do anything. Jump from helicopters, save people from turbulent waters (and those waters would have been a bit more choppier than that if that helicopter was supposed to be as low as it was) - anyway I digress - also isnít Emily supposed to be the lifeguard? Couldnít she have offered to do CPR on Cole? Told you last week no one is ever dead unless they get shot in the head - the proof is in Maria. And they never found Evil twinís body either. I can see him cropping up in the near future.

As for Casey and Sarah, well, Iíve seen better sexual tension in Australian soaps and theyíre well known for their acting abilities arenít they? Less said about that the better. No doubt their involvement is destined to evolve later in the story. Who cares?

More of the green-eyed monster in Antonio regarding Gabi and Ricardo. (If you feel that Father Fit should be with Gabi then take my poll an voice your opinion) Anyway I feel that I didnít see enough of Antonio but More of Ben this week helped me through it.

OK thatís all for this week. Join me next Saturday to find out if Michael makes it and Amazing AJ performs another miracle. Cheerio.

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