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20th July '98 to 24th July '98

Posted 25th July 1998

The first edition of 5 Omnibus. Yay!

I know itís been a long while coming but Iíve been waiting for time to actually get around to putting in work on it.

OK where do I start? How about the sudden appearance of old AJ Deschanel then? And they even managed to get someone who looks like he could be an older version of Cole, (but lacking in the dimples department). But I donít seem to recall his English accent being mentioned in any stories about him before. Maybe itís selective continuity from the SB writers.

Meg has now taken on the role of Madam Carmen's understudy. That psychic link between her and Ben when she was about to get jumped by evil twin was quite outstanding. Ben also has been quite outstanding as well in his remarkable bowel and follicle control. I am sure Ben would never let evil twin anywhere near him with a razor, so who is wiping his arse and shaving him is one of those questions I feel we will never get the answer to. Also the question must be asked where did evil twin get that chair from that Ben is shackled to? It looks like something youíd get in an adult shop, I mean you donít see many chairs in MFI complete with ankle and wrist manacles do you?

What a shame, Eddie Ďcheekbonesí Conners is dead. Boo hoo hoo. How will we go on without him, such a central character to the plot lines and such a wonderful actor. My god that man walked round with a permanent look as if he had a gerbil down his knickers. He was only there for Bette to take pity on or to be the inept villain. Never mind life goes on.

Annie and Gregory. Well what can I say? Annie actually seemed to be human at points during their ítouchingí conversation and Gregory what ever he said his intentions were you could still see he was gutted at not being able to get her into bed that night - he thought he was well in didnít he? Annie also has a chance of competition with Meg for Madam Carmenís understudy. Those lovely conversations she has with her father are truly phenomenal. Just what exactly was Del supposed to be doing? Re-inacting a childhood dream to be a train driver?

Talking about getting people into bed, did you see Tyus when he was checking Vanessa over? Somehow I donít think the blisters would put him off. Ugh donít you just want to shove Virginia under a bus? Getting done up like Paddington to spray the ugly potion on Vanessaís dress had to be the last straw. Actually, myself I donít see why she would be fighting Vanessa for Michael - he has too many teeth for my taste. Iíd go for Casey if only he got a better haircut and possibly actually a storyline - he hasnít had much since Rai left. Literally.

Hopeless case of the week has to be Gabi and Ricardo. You can here the screaming for miles with people shouting "Why canít you two just get together". The sexual tension could be cut with a knife. Perhaps evil twin would lend them his, he doesnít seem to do much else with it.

My favourite quote of the week has to come actually from Pauline after the show on Friday. John had said that the cast were now talking to inanimate objects as well as themselves (AJ talking to the telescope on the pier) and Pauline said that it wasnít true - Cole had been talking to Caitlin for ages.

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