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21st Feb - 25th Feb 2000

Posted 12th February 2000

Grumble, grumble, grumble, slag off Tripod, grumble a bit more, and slag off Tripod again. 4 whole days it took me to get into my account and by that time it was a bit pointless updating 5 Omnibus. Itís not fair, every Saturday I diligently sit down at my PC to write about my second fave soap (sorry Ė Iím an Eastenders fan) I get everything ready to post and then suddenly ĎIím sorry your login name has not been recognisedí, or suddenly all my web pages have disappeared from my directory.
Anyway, this week, the penultimate 5 Omnibus will have a bit of the summary from last week added to it.

Last Week. Ben got the better of Derek and Evil Twin finally kicked the bucket. Ben and Meg had a touching reconciliation. Annie went to Mrs Moreau after seeing Livvy and asked her to help her stop Livvy drinking. She also found out the hard way about Tobias being Gregory and Jude apparently being in cohoots with him. Amy told Brad to get Emily out of town if not sheíd tell Emily everything about Mrs Moreau etc. Gabi and Antonio were arrested but figured out where Ricardo could be and persuaded Spence to help them. AJ and Bette got together. Livvy stopped drinking.

This week: Gabi and Antonio get to the Cabin where Ricardo is hiding. Whilst Ricardo is hidden he overhears them talking about how much they still love him and that their fling was a mistake. When the police turn up at the cabin to take them back Ricardo shows himself and tells the truth about how he set them up he then tells Gabi and Antonio that he couldnít let them go to prison but he canít forgive them either. Gabi decides to leave Sunset Beach after Michael and Vanessaís wedding and tells Ricardo that he should try and forgive Antonio. Gregory threatens Annie and thinks Jude is going along with it but Jude knocks him out and tells her he is an FBI agent and they have been after Gregory for years. Annie is upset because she thinks Jude used her but he convinces her that he does have feelings for her, as they kiss Gregory wakes up and whacks Jude. A sober Olivia goes to see Bette an AJ. AJ and Livvy have a heart to heart and decide that they were never destined to be Olivia realises that Bette and AJ are together and gives them her blessing.
Brad tells Emily about Mrs Moreau and the love potion. Emily is not best pleased and goes and confronts Amy. Emily then tells Bette that sheís going to find Sean. Amy in an upset state tells Livvy about Annie drugging her to make her drink. Olivia then goes after Annie (Rose told her that she saw Annie and Tobias heading towards the power plant). When Olivia gets to the power plant she finds Gregory about to escape. She convinces him that itís best to give him up, if not he'll never see Caitlin again. Gregory concedes and Jude hands him over to the police. Olivia confronts Annie and Olivia says sheís going to tell everyone what Annie did.
Tess hands over parental rights to Benji to Maria. Ben and Meg look to be getting back together. Casey proposed to Sara and she accepted.

It seems to me that the SB writers have saved all their best stuff right until the very end. Lots and lots of touching conversations. I even had a tear in my eye when Casey proposed to Sara. Itís not fair, itís the last one on Wednesday and I havenít got the energy to be sarcastic about it. Iím really going to miss my Saturday afternoon dose of pure escapism. Perhaps I should phone the helpline number given out at the end of the showÖ.

One thing though the adoption process in the States seems to move a hell of a lot quicker than the UK one. I work next door to my Countyís Adoption Unit and sometimes have to type some of the reports etc. You should see how long it takes to get a child adopted in this country. Itís a hell of a lot longer and more complicated than filing a couple of papers. Well never mind itís just me being pedantic.

Iíll do more reminiscing next week Iíll also put up some of my favourite 5 Omnibuses Ė including the first ever one. Stay tuned also to Sunset Bitch for some more features, including your fave moments from SB and your favourite crap moments from SB.

Thats all for now see you next week!

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