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14th September to 18th September '98

Posted 27th September 1998

Now this week was much better than last weeks wasn’t it? I mean this by the fact that we had some half decent storyline to follow rather than the Sarah ‘I don’t care if she did sleep with that congressman’ Cummings and Casey ‘I’m desperate for some action’ Mitchum - I’m sorry if that interesting for some but I feel that the word tedious needed to be thrown in there.

Now, I’m sorry, but you really haven’t got you dogs on the same leash if you haven’t figured out by now that the screaming woman from Cedar Oaks is really Maria. It is so obvious even if you haven’t already read ahead in the NBC archives

So we finally get the ‘Shockwave’ storyline and there is going to be some good stuff happening. They must have had fun filming that first quake. The cameraman must have said “Excellent - I just get to shake the camera from side to side really fast”. Ben got the corniest line of all “Did the earth move for you?” I can’t believe they actually got someone to say that. I can understand why that ‘Dana’ screams when she’s in the hospital - she’s now stuck in a room with Meg for an indeterminate amount of time - wouldn’t you be a tad “Let me outta here!”. And Benny got stuck with dim Tim - well at least they’ve got someone in common to bitch about to each other.
Why can’t Annie make up her mind whether she’s going to be good or bad in the morning because at least you’d know where you where going to stand if you p***ed her off.
‘Father Fit’ and ‘Ritardo’ looking better and better and soon I feel their clothes are going to get wet and stick to them…closely… - rather like that Mr Darcy scene from the Beeb’s P&P adaptation -I can’t wait.
What on earth has Gabi done to her hair? - she looks like an elf - I’m sorry I really don’t like her that much.
Why (sorry another one!) Why would any girl be fighting over Sean Richards? Answers on a postcard please .

Finally they are doing something about the M/V/V storyline - this must be the longest drawn out plot in the history of a soap (if any one knows any different email me and I’ll post it next week). But still to tell you the truth I don’t really care one-way or the other who ends up with Michael. I’ve quite grown to like Virginia, her lines get better and better. But you should know by now how I feel about this storyline so the less said the better!

Thank God. No more bloody flashbacks of Olivia and Annie in that damn cabin. Yay! I won’t say anymore I might tempt fate.

Anyway hope you are all eagerly awaiting next weeks episodes.
Ben and Megs Forever.

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