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21st December to 25th December '98

Posted 27th December 1998

Better let you know that I didnít see any SB this week due to the fact that atmospheric conditions greatly affected our cable TV which is the only means of us getting Channel 5 in my area. It had improved by Boxing Day but as I had the most annoying little cousins round in the afternoon who brought, it seemed to me every Disney movie ever made and made me watch with them I was not then able to view the Omnibus.
As far as I can gather from the TV guides it was still mostly the Ben/Maria/Meg thing and Vanessa/Virginia/Michael (one of the most far fetched storylines Iíve ever seen) Virginia is a mega Bitch (Just like Tiff in Eastenders, can you believe set Grant up like that and I donít like Beppe any more) Anyway this week as I have no input here are some of your comments for this weeks Ď5 Omnibusí.


Why is Virginia so desperate to get her hands on Michael? - I wouldnít touch him with a ten-foot barge pole


I think we should start a ĎLets sling Maria back in the Oceaní Campaign.

Candyís friend

I second that. Donít you just want to slap her?.


Sod the jewels from the Madonna - I want to get my hands on Coleís family ones!!!


I think that Susan Ward has been brilliant over the past two weeks. A round of applause!!!!!!!

Bogface (?)

Why doesnít Ben seem that fazed that his wife he thought was dead has now reappeared?

Hi me again. Reading that last comment I have a question. Does anybody know that it is really Maria? I mean it could just be someone who looks like her who coincidentally turned up in Sunset Beach. Also for insurance purposes (Didnít Ben have a problem with claiming life insurance for her some time back?) wouldnít they take blood samples or cross reference DNA from the other Torrezís? I would have thought that would be the first thing that got checked out especially if because Ricardo had initiated a police investigation. If any one has any thought s on this email it in a 5 Omnibus comment and Iíll post it next week

All for now. Sorry about the lack of well SB this week. Definitely will be here next week. Come back for then. Bye!

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