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22nd Feb '99 - 26th Feb '99

Posted 27th Feb 1999

Whoever said television rots your brains couldn’t be more wrong. If you can follow a Sunset Beach plot, you have to have one hell of and open mind and imagination to actually keep with it. In the TV Times this week, they had a feature on our fave soap.
Here are some snippets if you missed it
“Tyus is second only to Jesus when it comes to healing the sick”
“Since a modicum of beauty is the least requirement for residents in Sunset, it’s hard to see how chunky, spotty teen Sean got his visa… (Well we already know the answer to that one don’t we?.. “Oh Daddy can I have part on you new show?”)

There is more but you can buy the thing yourself.

What happened: Well Annie and Caitlin went to pay off the blackmailer who then told them he wanted all the money and they could give it to him at a later date. We then saw that the blackmailer was Gregory. Ben confronted Maria again about her lack of emotion about getting her memory back. Maria said that it was because she remembered she never loved Ben, Ben told her to leave but before she could he found the things she had been using to get her memory back. Jimmy found the thing with the Madonna and was trying to get it open but there was a big scorpion running about which met with a sticky end with what looked like a shovel. Virginia got rid of it and Antonio had trouble getting it back. Cole found out that Amy had given the emerald to Emily but then found out that Amy had switched it tried to get it off Amy before she threw it in the ocean did so but then found out that Brad was trying to pawn it. Eventually getting it off Brad he took it back to AJ and Francessca who were then attacked by Hilary and Bernie in their mummfied-ish state but they eventually got to the Mission. Meg is getting in a tizzy about when Maria gets her memory back that she would want to stay with Ben. Maria and Ben got all nostalgic over a broken bauble plus all the people who touched the jewels started to age.

Can I just say that was a f***ing big scorpion and I’m not surprised Virginia wanted to make sure it was dead. Anyway that Statue looked more like paper mache than tin and if it was tin why was the bloke hauling it off in a crate that said ‘steel only’?.

Sarah should probably spend more time with Annie or Virginia if she wants to pull off the scheming vixen thing, although her dreams about Meg and Casey are getting better so at least she’s on her way. And it was good to see Melinda back again, who was the only one to realise that Sarah is a bit dim.

Antonio almost told Gabi that he loved her. All I can say if thank god I know what happens if not I’d be constantly shouting at the television when they stared at each other along the lines of “Just bloody kiss her you prat! And put us out of our misery!”

I forgot to mention it last week but I would like to say hats off to the actresses for the portrayal of Emily and Bette. They did an excellent job even with all the complete nonsense that was going on around them.

Here are some of your comments

Mrs Antonio Torres
You would think that Ben having his wife back in the same house that it would stir things up for him and he would want to get funky with her and dump the munchkin!!

Gaby and Ricardo look cool together. Antonio just looks greasy!

Kelly Smyth
I hope Ben ends up with Maria and Meg with Tim or Casey

Valderrama>br>All the idiots at LOs think Meg's the best looking but I know that Francesca is the queen of beauty!!!!!!!

Anyone notice how Smeg is looking a lot like Monica Lewinsky these days? Co-incidence? I think not! Break out the cigars!

,Wonderful to see Hilary and Bernie-Boy again. My mum guessed that Gregory was the mystery caller. Just when he was becoming nice (ie the fact that he is Megs boss, she never goes to work and he never says anything). By the way Antonio is still a babe.

Anyway all for this week. Join me again next week for much of the same.

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