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22nd March 1999 to 26th March 1999

Posted 27th March 1999

Obviously, no one has anything better to do on Sunset Beach than ruin other people’s lives. They’re always scheming against someone or poking their noses in where they’re not wanted - it makes you wonder how come they actually have a life for people to get around to tampering with.

This is what happened: OK, not a great deal of different plot lines to confuse you with this week. Ben told Maria he couldn’t answer her question as to whether he was still in love with her and Maria told Meg that she wasn’t giving up on Ben and Meg replied that she wasn’t going to either. Sarah and Tim are conspiring to get Meg and Casey apart as Meg has now moved back into Surf Central. Franny and Greggy are also conspiring but this is to break up Cole and Caitlin. Cole and AJ are conspiring to find out what really happened to Olivia’s baby and Cole headed up to San Francisco to find Dr. Brock. Michael is really pissed at Vanessa for lying to him about her pregnancy and Virginia revelling in all that she has brought about then took it upon her self to slag Vanessa off, twice, then says she going to help them to get back together. Annie tried to doctor the paternity test and ended up with some nutball who she used to tease at school helping her after she promised him ‘things’. Antonio’s family found out he was being transferred and Ricardo is puzzled as to why Gabi is all for it.

Virginia is really loving this but knowing all the past schemes that people have pulled off in SB it’s bound to backfire eventually - I can’t think of one off the top of my head right now that has actually worked. Perhaps it’s some sort of curse that for everything to turn out all right in the end you have to go through some real shitty stuff along the way.

How on earth does Tim think he is going to get back with Meg even if Sarah is helping him - I mean the woman must have some common sense to remember that he ruined both her weddings, conspired with Annie in the past to break them up with a number of harebrained schemes and the fact that he is so unattractive that Spike probably wouldn’t even bother to pee up him. I certainly would take that all into consideration, wouldn’t you?

I think you have to feel sorry for Vanessa - when has anything in her life ever gone right for her? First she gets Martin’s Syndrome, then she ends up lying in Tyus’s arms (Well we know she didn’t sleep with him) which repulsed me to the bone (I don’t think Tyus is the least bit attractive, rather Michael than him) and then Virginia lets lose on her with a turkey baster and some frozen sperm. Enough for one life time all gone through in eighteen months. Poor gal. Mind you she did ask the obvious question when she saw Michael’s stuff all packed up - and asked him what was going in. Michael also still showing he has some personality that could have attracted Vanessa in the first place by showing emotion and trying to smack Tyus one. Good stuff.

I’ve also given up on the Ben/Maria/Meg saga - thank god I know how it ends. Just one thing though - why do we never see Maria start sketching anything, why is she always just finishing it?

Finally, a sarcastic nurse and not just one who is willing to volunteer information at the drop of a hat - well done Stacy!

Here are some of you comments

Elizabeth Nehrujee
Maria has to stay on Sunset Beach its Meg have to out of Ben's life.

Mrs Antonio Torres
I nearly jumped for joy when finally Gabi and Antonio kissed but, was it just me or did Antonio not kiss her back? Maybe he would prefer a real woman with curves than a Barbie reject!! Hopefully Smeg has got the message and has gone back to Kansas.

Upset viewer
Why has channel 5 removed the afternoon repeat?
Meg/Ben/Maria triangle - why don't they move to Utah /Salt Lake City - I’m sure it's legal there !

Big Sunnie B fan, but I need my afternoon fix!!

No, She can't snog Antonio, It's bad enough we only got one sighting of the sex god him self with out gobby snogging him.

Does anyone know why the afternoon repeats have stopped?

I think that for someone who is someone who is always trying to investigate everyone else’s business, Cole should investigate his self. For one thing he needs to stop manhandling Annie. And for another thing, he looked kind-of puzzled, no stupid is more like it, when Ricardo caught him in Francesca's hospital room, and all of a sudden she's flatlined. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he tampered with her life support.

Purrlease give us back our afternoon boost of energy!!

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