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22nd November to 26th November 1999

Posted 27th November 1999

Return of the Evil Twin! Obviously this is soap land, you know if they donít find a body the person is probably going to come back to life. Well anyway at least Ben and Meg fans can be safe in the knowledge that Maria hasnít actually got back together with Ben, and that hope is still out there for SB and Dorothy. Quick summary: ĎBení caught Tess snooping and told her that he knew everything that she had been up to, ĎBení then pulled her into a kiss. Tess then realised that it was indeed Derek, happy at first but then slapped him for sleeping with Maria. Derek said it necessary for the plan, Tess said that he didnít need to come back and that it wasnít part of the plan. This was when Maria and Meg walked in. Meg wasnít happy when she saw all of Mariaís stuff in Benís room and promptly left. Derek sensibly hotfooted it out of there after Meg and Tess was left with Maria who was determined to get an answer out of Tess as to what the Ďplaní was that she and ĎBení were talking about. Derek on the other hand is still trying to confuse Meg about her feelings towards Ben.
Casey got jealous when he found out that Sara was out on a date (Shock horror!). He then felt a bit better when he thought Jude had stood her up but was visibly shooting arrow at him when he turned up.
Cole is stuck in a jail in England, AJ isnít too pleased about this and had a go at Olivia. Caitlin also had a go at Livvy and thought once more about her plan to get her mother declared unfit to look after Trey.
Mrs Moreau is blackmailing Amy about the love drug and Brad is moving in on Emily whilst Bette is suspicious of Amyís motives. Now Iím afraid that is all I saw this week because our electricity went.

OK, so Tess slapped Derek for sleeping with Maria. Obviously she has told him about her sleeping with Tim then or perhaps it slipped her mind, either that or it wasnít that memorable. I think that maybe I would have been more shocked at the revelation that it was indeed Derek had they not have kept jumping form Tess and Derekís scene before the kiss to all the other more pointless scenes, like Sean and Emily, I mean whatís the point in Sean?
Anyway back to Derek, this is going to be fun isnít it? Lots more chances for people to come bursting through the door at an ill timed moment and hearing incriminating words only to then be passed off with the flimsiest excuse in the world. Excellent (a la Mr Burns).

Caitlin is trying to get her mother declared unfit. That must mean she really thinks that she can get custody of him. She, who lied to her husband about being pregnant and indeed her family, bought her baby on the black-market. Lied to her husband even after the baby was born, knowing that he thought the world of the child. Sounds like sheís got a case to meÖÖ

I think Brad and Emily deserve each other, they both have had to put up with people who are complete idiots. Amy and Sean deserve each other, how else would they share their braincell.

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