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17th May to 21st May 1999

Posted 22nd May 1999

I know kids birthdays can seem like a lifetime to get over with but this is ridiculous. Trey will be two by the time Ricardo figures out who shot Franchesta - actually Trey might be celebrating his 21st knowing the detective skills of Ritardo. Any way congrats to Man U on the FA Cup and for those of you watching the match and not SB here is a brief run down.

As I mentioned above it is still Treyís Birthday (poor kid - imagine being brought up in that Ďhappyí household). Everyone thinks everyone else shot Franny. Franny told Antonio that Gabi shot her, but Antonio didnít believe her after later reflection. Annie was doing her Miss Marple bit and accusing everyone particularly Livvy. Greggy told Caitlin heíd protect her if she was accused. Ricardo is holding Cole because he believes he did it and because Ritardo is just stupid and buying more time to find out who did do it. Meg and Ben are still trying to deal with the unexpected arrival of Benjy, the anaemic brat. Oh and Fran died and met Del and Eddie in hell, as you do.

Iím just not buying that that kid could possibly be Benís. Mariaís yes, as the kid is a complete moron and has dodgy facial expressions (check out that quivering lip). But Benís no, as the child refuses to look good in black and not even capable of constantly walking about with keys in his hands (What is that with Ben and his keys?) And I would like to slap Meg, who, when people keep trying to explain things to her, just interrupts them and keeps asking what is going on. Well little Munchkin maybe if you shut your gob you might find out

So who killed Franchesta then? I have my own theory that was none other than Phillip the husband who supposedly drowned. Well Maria and Cole came back from swallowing half the ocean didnít they? It wasnít Antonio because he thought at first Gabi did it. I donít think it was Cole because he has a suspicion that Caitlin may have done it. Gregory would probably have paid a hit man so he personally didnít do it and she obviously knew her killer. She seemed to be signalling AJ and Livvy for help before she was in the cake (someone else spotted this - see below) so I donít think it was them. I donít think it was Annie because, well I just donít. Caitlin didnít do it because she thinks her mother or Cole shot Franny. AJ still wouldnít have risked it because of Ricardo knowing that he had tried to choke her before. So basically that does leave Phillip because Gabi couldnít possibly have lifted the gun.

I miss Virginia, I really do - itís just not fun with out her and her ways with poultry. Well Michael is Ďfoulí isnít he?

Classic line - Annie to Gregory about Caitlin
ďWith your genes and Oliviaís Iím surprised sheís not a serial killerĒ

Here are some of your comments

Let's see.. Who shot Francesca? I don't think it's AJ nor Olivia because she tried to get their attention after she was shot [ & before Russ whisked her away].it's not Cole because her expression before she was shot convinced me that it wasn't him, so... that leaves Annie, Caitlin, Gregory, yucky Gabi, Antonio, Ricardo, etc. Who shot J.R. [in Dallas] by the way?
(Originally Sue Ellen shot JR. but in the last ever episode JR appeared to commit suicide - BritGirl - jeez I watch too much television)

Mrs Antonio Torres
Well, well Ben and Smeg still canít get married. YES!!YES!! I hope the kid does turn out to be Ben and Maria's that would be one in the eye for Smeg!!

Oliver Franiel
Get rid of this annoying brat, pleasssseeee!! He's sooo not like Dumbo (well, he doesn't have a neck, does he now). He's rather more like a younger version of the Spawn that is Shawn! Could he be yet another promising Spelling offspring? Well, judging from his acting talent...Even the same annoyance factor! I suppose we'll have to endure him for a while. Oh in Antonio's name, have mercy with us.

Call me sad if you will; my flat mate certainly does, however I have her hooked now. Any way to the point. Whilst recording an episode of SB recently for a friend with not breaks etc in it, I found out a very interesting fact. Namely that without breaks and credits SB lasts only for around31.5 minutes. Therefore why do Channel 5 feel the need to cut any of the episode for the omnibus(especially when they have to cut FF's scenes) what is the reason, you can actually miss an awful lot in those few seconds and thatís that! any answers to this enquiring minds want to know?

See you next week...

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