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23rd August to 27th August 1999

Posted 29th August 1999

Sorry about the lack of ‘5 Omnibus’ last week - the tape I thought it was on turned out to have Buffy on instead. I do that a lot - I taped Ted and Ralph at Xmas an didn’t find until a month ago when I found out I’d taped it over 4 Weddings.
Anyway you don’t need to know my problems; you have enough trying to believe those on Sunset Beach.

Summary: Gregory went after Annie when he found out she’d been impersonating Francesca. Cole came to her rescue and after a struggle Gregory got away and went back to get Caitlin and Trey. Cole and Annie went after him. Finding Livvy unconscious and the police behind them they told everyone that Gregory killed Franny. Livvy confirmed that Gregory had taken Caitlin and Trey somewhere. Hiding out at the grotto Caitlin realised why Gregory wanted to get out of the country and managed to give Cole a clue to there whereabouts over the phone. Cole went after them not knowing that Annie was hiding in his car. Meg finally moved out of Ben’s even after Maria told her to stay for the devil child’s sake. Sara wasn’t too impressed by this as this meant Meg moved back into Surf Central where Sara was trying to worm her way into. Tim confronted Tess over her meeting with the kidnapper. Tess told him the ‘truth’ that when Maria was in Seattle she had promised Tess a million dollars if when Maria got back to SB that she would help to break up Ben and Meg (Who she had found out about). Hence, the kidnapping that put a strain on their relationship. Tess told Tim that she loved him and they did the deed under the pier where Tim told her he had an idea to bring Casey into the picture between Ben and Meg.

I think they should definitely bring Spence into more storylines I can think of nothing better than cute men in uniforms. He also seems to do more police work than Ricardo although that isn’t exactly difficult being that all Ricardo does is accuse people before he has all the facts, or wait for people not in the police force i.e. Annie and Cole to do all the work for him.

Wow one day can last a lifetime on this soap. I think Tess and Annie where the only ones who changed clothes. Tim is still wearing Cole’s old pink polo neck, AJ was still wearing his one and only suit and Maria that fetching peach cardi thing. You know I have nothing against Thingy Chambers who plays (I won’t say ‘acts’) but I really want to slap Maria around a bit and then have her be the hitch-hiker in ‘The Car’ who gets run over then reversed over several times.

No Antonio this week - shame. Well at least we didn’t have to see him mooning over Gabi. That’s a point at least we didn’t have to see Gabi in any flashbacks. Yay!

Lovely ‘Friends’ moment we had this week. Still like the Wizard of Oz though. I feel sorry for Sara (I know - shoot me) but she has a boyfriend who supposedly loves her but he seems more interested in her sister and doesn’t seem to know it. Casey should really get a kick in balls or something to wake him up a bit.

How many different Trey’s did we see this week? I’m sure I counted three. At least one had a lot more hair than one of the others. Moreover, what was with Caitlin - why did she have to go with Gregory? I mean she’s a grown woman - she could have said “No f*ck off I’m not going - what ya gonna do about it?” But, no like the simpleton she is, she went off with Daddy no questions asked. Silly cow.

Don’t even get me started on Ben and Meg this week - those writers just like torturing B&M fans like me. Bastards.

Ok enough of me this week. See you next week same bat-place, same bat-time.

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