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This page does not have gossip on the stars of Sunset Beach. This page does not have episode guides for Sunset Beach.

This site is however, perfect for those fans of Sunset Beach who tend not to take it too seriously and can accept the flaws in the show.
Here you can get off your chest all the things or characters that get on your nerves to do with Sunset Beach, so you stop shouting at the TV when its on or annoying all your friends who don't have the good sense to watch it..

This site is UK based but hopes to cross both side of the Atlantic so Bitch UK and Bitch US are pretty self explanitory.

These sites are DEAD, but please feel free to check them out

5 Omnibus

'5 Omnibus', which is mainly for UK fans but anyone is free to peruse it. It contains my thoughts on the latest edition of the Sunset Beach Omnibus (screened on Saturdays in the UK) on Channel 5 - hence 5 Omnibus.

Should she stay or should she go? is where those of you who have strong feelings about the character of 'Maria' and whether you feel that she should be thrown back in the ocean or set up camp in Ben and Meg's bedroom. Includes a poll and a link to the Official Christina Chambers Site.

Should she stay or should she go?
The Lost Years

The Lost Years. I know we now seem to have a plausible explanation about where Maria was but there is something suss going on there and we should still be open to more possibilities and it gives you the chance to stretch your imagination and tell other people what Maria was doing and where during those missing five years

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