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6th March 2002 - 'Beachy Moments' will be updated soon. I promise!

Now that the time of greatness has expired itís out with the old and in with the new. As of Saturday 4th March 2000, Bitch UK and Bitch US will be archived pages where you can reminisce about all the things that you used to love to have niggle you about Sunset Beach. Should she stay or should she go? and Five Omnibus will also be archive pages.

For those of you new to this site Bitch UK and US (for Brits and Americanís respectively) enabled you to get off your chest all the things or characters from SB that got on your nerves, so you didnít shout at the TV when SB was on or annoyed all your friends who didnít have the good sense to watch it.

Now itís in with the new. Two brand new features - Bestest Beachy Bits and Worst Beachy Bits. Here you can let everyone know what your fave and worst moments were on Sunset Beach and why. You can let other fans know what your innermost thoughts were when Ben arrived in Kansas to see Meg or why you shut your eyes when Virginia went at Vanessa with the turkey baster and other memorable (or not) moments.

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Beachy Bits

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