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You people need to start appreciating the wonder that is OHHHH-Livia. She's the new Sue-Ellen for gadssakes! Together though her and Annie are the new Alexis and Krystal- not quite sure who's who, the roles are interchangeable at times. OHHHHHHHH-Livia for President! OHHHHH-Livia for weightwatchers! Seeya.

First of all...why is Gabi always showing off her chest and stomach? She's flat-chested and her rib cage pokes out. Second... Madam Carmen is wayyyy annoying - who the heck is Gobby? Third...Uncle Tobias - hello you idiots! He looks just like your daddy! Fourth...Tess needs to quit wearing tight pants - enouggh said!

It pisses me off that Tess is the only actress that looks so great. She is the only female with all the necessities (ie long blonde hair, slim figure, pretty voice, good face and expressions, tolerable personality, etc.) Caitlin comes in second due to her training bra chest. As for the others, Meg: You have quite a gut on you Sarah: Your hair looks like shit Maria: Giraffe neck Annie: Nubian queen lips Emily: Your skin looks ghastly in the beach sunlight Amy: Why is your face so distorted?..........The rest of the chicks I don't even want to waste time on. Tess should become the spoksemodel for FINESSE because her hair is so lovely. That's the beauty of Finesse, conditions more, conditions.........

BENJI NEEDS TO DIE A SLOW, TERRIBLE DEATH. ALONG WITH BEN. benji is all chubby and annoying. him and his daddy need to accidentally drown in the ocean or something. gabbi is a dumb slutty bitch. meg just bitches and cries. olivia is one of the worst. i hope she gets alcohol poisoning. why did they have to get rid of Cole? he was the hottest one.i hope annie gets gregories money.

english SB obsessive
Lets just setttle this thing once and for all - as sickening as they are when they're together, Ben "Hair sleeves" Evans needs to get it on with Maria and leave Smeg Cum. for good, then she can just run off with Casey - lets face he never really liked Sara and Meg can't resist another girls man can she? As for Benji, he can join Casper the friendly Ghost for company. Madam Carmen should just leave her kids to mess up their lives, cos they never listen to her anyway,oh! and she can rejoin Aerosmith as the Steve Tyler stand-in. Hmmm, Vanessa and Michael should sue the hair/make-up artists for the pan-stik-shock wig monsters they're made to wear.

JP in California USA
I don' t know why you people bitch about the things on TV os much don't you have your own lives to worry about. I to love SB but what happens is not for us to bitch about it for Entertanment. It to bad that that all this bitching is gone to the wind now that SB is going off the air. Hope that somehow or someway SB will come back I am going to miss it.

Oh goody! The bitch is really back now! SW has taken away what SP gave to Meg! Three more weeks of having to hear that high-pitched, nails-on-a-chalkboard voice! And I cannot stand what she does to her hands when she is upset all the time!

What is so big about the fat little whining whore Meg? All she does is bitch and cry, I think they need to kill her off. I don't even want Maria and Ben together cause she can do so much better, like that Jude guy. He's F***ing hot as hell. Annie is the best though, she is a coniving bitch and I like that

Gordon Thomson can marry me any day. My dream guy is AJ. He's the perfect man on the beach. Handsom, rich, smart and passionate. If I only knew him in person.

Why did Cole have to go do another show? He was one of the best actors and I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks that Benji needs to go to school and stay out of Sunset Beach. Also if anyone thinks that Maria is the bomb, tell her to get a new hairdo. And new clothes, and a new makeup artist. Benji needs to shut up till he goes through puberty.

First of all David I don't care if you're gay, but AJ is disgusting. ANNIE RULES!!! She's the hottest women ever created!!! I hope she ends up with Gregory's estate, and I hope Olivia dies of alcohol poisoning.
Finally the real Meg is back, although she's a bitch. She and Tess just need to hookup or something. Is it me or does Tess look like she does Porn.
I think Meg and Ben and Maria need to die....and let Tess keep Ben's money, then kill off derrick. PEOPLE!!! How can anyone like Ben, he is so NASTY...check out his fingernail...their long and his hands look like a womans.
Annie need to get gregory's money and torture the rest of the Richards family, starting with the loser sean, then Caitlin, then force Olivia to drink till she dies. She need to flush trey down the toilet, and benji while we're at it....

Damn Michael and that mouth!he is goodlooking but i hate the way he sticks his damn lips out!!!!!!!and every line he ever says is dripping with cheese. "Oh Vanessa baby i love you" no, no, no, no,no,no just die!!!!!!!!! I HATE HIM!!! And damn whingy Meg i hate her too!! i just can't wait till Annie "superbitch" makes her cry again, the flat faced, silicone implanted cheif!!!!!DAMN HER AND HER BAD ACTING!!!!

Where the hell is that connection you Ben/SMEG fans keep talking about? She didn't think that kiss from Derek was that bad, now did she! Shows how much she knows! She should just go back to feeding the cows in Kansas. She can't even hold a candle up to Maria. Maria, you go girl! And don't listen to any of those SMEGaholics!


(Well each to their own - webmaster) Nina
REPULSIVE SLUT-BITCH GABI MUST DIE!!! I dont give a damn about what happens to the other characters but I do want this foul stinking bitch to get her comeuppance!! She's so repulsive it's incredible, hasn't anyone noticed how large her head is and how small her pathetic TITLESS little body is? She's a FREAK!!! Was she experimented on or something or did her sad body fall under a steamroller but not her head? She's FOUL FOUL FOUL REPULSIVE REPULSIVE AND STINKING!!! She has a witches's ugly flat face and LOTS OF HAIR ON HER ARMS!!! She cannot really be a woman!!! I HATE HER VOICE TOO. I HATE HER I HATE HER I HATE HER AND WANT HER TO BE KILLED REAL SOON!!!!! die bitch and ROT IN HELL!!

(I think somebody had too much expresso - webmaster) Me
Maria needs to die a painful death in front of the brat son of hers. She can't keep her damn panties up for more than one second. She just hop into bed with derek for f**k after f**k! SLUT! Yes she thinks he's her husband but still what a loser. I love Meg. F**k me Maria. If she had a brain she'd think something was wrong. Mutt is too dense for that

I hate all you Smeg fans!! Stop calling Maria a mutt, smutt, slut, It, etc. You're all just jealous that you don't look HALF as good as Christina Chambers! Shut up already!

I think that Ben and Maria shuld just get together, plain and simple! I don't think that Meg deserves Ben. All Meg does is bitch at Sara for causing all sorts of problems, I think Meg needs to get off her high horse and realize that Ben and Maria are meant to be!

UK Girlie fan
Have to agree that you US guys are a tad obessed with the Ben and Meg thing. Is it true that Trey and the dog run away and start their own show?

I hate Benji!! What happened to the dark haired Meg I watched all summer. This new one looks like a bitch. I also don't like Maria. She looks like a cartoon character. I recently started watching Sunset Beach. Who's Derek that everybody is bitching about?

Yendi Caballero
I hate Maria,Benji and Tess they all have to disapper oh yeah and Amy to she messes everything up. But Maria was in Bens past Meg and Ben belong together so Maria get LOST.

I can't stand Ben!!! Does he never wash his hair??? It's so disgusting!!! He really need a haircut!!!!

Death to Benji
He's ruined the show for me. That hideous voice that sounds like my dog's squeeky toy - I cannot get to the mute button fast enough. I wish someone would put shove his pasty little body back into the tupperware bowl he must have come from. Let him carry on doing his ads as the Pilsbury Dough Boy - just keep his mug off SB!

Meg needs to stop f@#$ing everyone's man.And Annie is cool because she's sneaky. Also has anyone noticed that Tray is two different little boys.

I must say that Sara is the most annoying character on the show. She can't act and she gets on my nerves every time she is on screen. She needs to take her ass back to Kansas. Gabi also needs to get a life. I hope she gets hers when Ricardo finds out about what she did. You cant forgive someone for sleeping with a priest!

I really cannot stand Meg! Where does she get off being so bitchy all the time? Like she's the only one who has problems? Get real. Now she's living in the same place of the man her sister is in love with, knowing how he feels about her. What a bitch! If I hadn't already begun to hate her after she caused Maria's fall down the stairs, I would surely hate her now because of her "holier than thou" attitude she gives to everyone!

Annie, Caitlin,Sara, Meg, and Cole need to all die. What is wrong with Caitlin? She is in need for some psychiatric therapy, and Cole is just an ass. Sara is a bitch. Just accept the fact that you will not have Casey and Meg will get whatever she wants. Get over it. And Meg, well, she needs to just get with Casey so Ben can get with Maria, which is the way it's supposed to be!

Soma chick
I HATE BENJI! why donít we send him into Child Labour, working for Kathy lee Gifford. Therefore, he would die of exhaustion since making cheap wall mart clothes takes alot of effort(surprisingly..hehe), and that would be it. No more Benji...even seeing him in the intro is annoying.. I feel like shooting him!! ugh!!! and talk about bad acting!! Speaking of bad acting, what about Amy and Brad? Amy is such a bimbo and Brad is hideous!! If you want a cool blonde to play her part instead, get Goddess Darcy from the smashing pumpkins to play her role. She rocks! and by the way, Gabi is an ugly bitch. Annie kicks ass, Caitlin is such a goody, so is Vanessa, I hate Olivia!!!! Ricardo should die already...Iím sooo sick of seeing those gross flashbacks of Gabi and GORGEOUS Antonio getting it on. And Gregoryís stupid little role in the show now is so retarded!! And I cant stand Mariaís stupid faces that she makes!! AJ needs to be shot, Emily sucks, Sean is stupid, Meg is whiney, Casey is a fag...etc...hey is that everyone? Oh, I forgot!! AND TESS!! THAT UGLY BITCH! SHES SO STUPID!! Tim is gorgeous...Cole is GORGEOUS, ANTONIO-GORGEOUS....Michael, he's dumb hate BEN! Carmen is crazy, and what ever happened to Virginia? she was cool!!

Help Me
Maria sucks. She makes stupid faces that make her look retarded, Olivia is a whore, and Amy is annoying but cool. cuz she fights for who she wants.. so sheís ok.. and Sarah is annoying as hell.. always whining and her hick parents are stupid...Gabi is a bitch.. a slutty one too.. but sheís alright I guess. OH I HATE Benji. Why doesnít someone put his head in a toilet and DROWN HIM??

First and foremost Annie is the best! Everyone hates her because she makes known their sleazy affairs and it pisses them off. Next, Emily... how gross. She acts like little miss perfect and it makes me sick! I hope Amy steals away Sean. Last, I am so tired of Olivia whining and yelling in every scene! She needs a drink... ;)

I think that Katlin is so annoying and should get killed off. And Meg and Ben belong together.

Jason P
I think Ben should get back with Maria she is much better than that ugly fat dozey cow all way round meg looks like a fat small bouncy ball who has bounced from Kansas and in to Benís arms like a little sucker. I think Maria is much prettier and Knows how to act Ben is so stupid to leave Maria he hasnít opened his and found what he is missing out on go one get him Maria.

People that need to jump off the pier
First these people should dive head first into a cup of water: Caitlin, Meg, Tess, and Benji Pier Jumpers: Ben, Tim, Maria The little boy who needs a time out: Benji

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