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She is in the way between Meg's and Ben's happiness.And when Ben and Meg are about to get married something always comes up about Maria.Well,i feel sorry about Meg,because Meg just wants to get married to Ben and get over with it.Ben still haves feelings for Maria but not that strong as his feelings for Meg.Ben sould of said no to Maria from tha beginning,but he felt sorry for her.And now some other lady comes to say to Ben about his child with Maria.Why can't they get married and something always comes up? Maybe Spelling should tell us.

Superstud: Megslover
Maria is ok, but Meg Is goreous, there no contest. Ben And Meg look great together. Maria should get lost and go with Casey

Id like to see her drowned, that could be an entire episode The Drowning Of Maria. I like that idea alot!!!

Her character is bugging me with her pencil neck and bizzare hair. She never stops crying and has no friends (She treats the lovely Annie like dirt) DIE BITCH DIE!!

Emma Jane
She is too sweet and sickly!
Why can't she (and more of the characters) have a bit of life in them, like Annie! Annie may be a bitch, but at least she's fun!!

Maria have no right to destroy happiness Meg and Ben,but sheself musts to meet another men.

she is too annoying even for sunset beach and can't even understand when people stick the truth in her face ie: Meg. Most importantly she can NOT act!!!

rachel murungi
meg and ben have had to many problems but all the same she should stay because she is after all bens wife but she is the past so now it is up to ben and meg

I think that they should get rid of maria. I believe that meg and ben should be together because they are both very much in love with each other. I feel so bad for meg beacuse her heart is gettin torn apart. Bu i know how she feels and i think she should hang on and try her besat to get him back. Also...Benji?!?!?!? He is the worst actor. Get rid of him too. they make him look like a spoiled brat.Also this isn't the on the same subject but i think you guys are dragging this on for way to long. What the hell is happening with cole and with vanessa? Wasn't vanessa going to get married? They never showed the wedding. And she hasn't been on the show in the longest time. it get's boring seeing the same people everyday. But i still enjoy watching the show.I just want to know what will happen with meg and ben. Best of luck to the cast when the show ends. And God Bless

giraffes oreven giraffe necked individuals cannot she would leave Meg and Ben to get on with their life.... butt out Maria, get a life....

I think Meg and Ben should be together.

Tara la lat
Ben belongs with Meg. She has stuck by him through thick and thin. also, i think that benji is actually dereks child as he was the last person Maria slept with before she fell into the sea.

kemi towobola
She is causing to much agony between ben and meg, but another sugestion is you could only keep maria if there is a spare guy for meg apart from mr greassy casey.

Becca Hughes
Her neck is as scary as Dediries of Coranation Street, they should both be put away together for ever. Or she should live in a safari park with the rest of her species the giraffe.

The reason why i am saying this is she has ruined everything on the show the day she has come. She doesn't know how to act or play her part right is is time to sling her back in the ocean!!!

Sarah Williams
Ben is so sexy that Maria is not women enough for him, all she ever does is frowns and try to look confused... She's a bimbo and thats all that can be said. Meg deserves Ben after everything they've been through...He helped her get over the torture of having to snog Mr I-think-I-am-a-sex-God-Tim.... Meg and Ben should be together if Ben decides that there is no furture for me and him...................

Come off it, Ben & Meg were meant to be.

I want ben back, although i love Tim. I just can't stand looking at Maria's long neck any more. I'm sure she's related to a giraffe. She's just too whiny and annoying she's really bloody feble, we're women and we should be strong!

Yendi Caballero
Maria realy has to go she is in bens past meg and ben belong togethermaria came back to mess up everything. Ben had supposibly gotten over her and was in love with meg so Maria shoulg go bye bye

Louise "Evans" O'Donnell
She is such a slut ! Sleeping with Ben when he still loves Meg ? - that's sick and disgusting. I hope Meg leaves town, takes Maria with her and leaves Ben all for me ! Also , please take that annoying child that she calls her own with her.

She is interfering in gorgeous Ben's destiny to be with the intellectual goddess Meg.

Cos although she's less annoying than Munchkin Meg, her neck is too long and her son I want to die!

She is ugly, pathetic and created the most annoying kid from hell. How can anyone ever think that brat is Ben's? Anyway, all she ever does is look sorry and stupid and saying that she never meant for any of this to happen, but she doesn't move her ugly butt out of Ben's house, now does she?

Maria is such a pain in the ass. Meg and ben belong together and she is getting in the way. She needs to take that brat benjy and that bitch Tess back to seattle where they belong. Away from Ben and Meg!

Aargh!!! the woman cannot act, it drives me crazy to have to l ook at her and her mouth agog every time she has a line to say. I have tried to talk like her,( just to see how it feels) and I feel like a demented duck with my head shoved way up high in an unfortunate place, I just cant do it. Sling her back into the ocean and let the fish have a laugh. She is the worst ever actress I have ever seen. Too dramatic!!

Laura San Miguel
Ben and Meg deserve some happiness in their lives and they are never going to get this while Maria and that little brat Bengie are around.

Ben and Meg would've been happily married if she hasnnnn't come back to sunset beach.

The baby obviously isn't Benís. Derek seduced her and when Ben found out they had the argument. Maria falls into sea and Ben thinks she's dead. Then Maria finds out she is pregnant is ashamed to go back to Ben so she runs to Seattle where she gives birth to evil little brat. Hence, why the test showed to be Benís.

If she really would have wanted Ben, I think she should have visited him years ago!!! And not wait, let him believe that she is dead...and THAN show up. it would be unfair to Meg. Maria canít just do as she wants, whenever she wants to..! Meg, YOU deserve Ben better.

Joanne Black
I hate Maria because she is a spoilt rich American asshole. She has the longest neck I have ever seen, she looks like a.... a long necked thing. When she is trying to act pleased, she looks like she has taken Dexedrine intravenously.

Joanne Black
I hate Maria because she is a spoilt rich American asshole. She has the longest neck I have ever seen, she looks like a.... a long necked thing. When she is trying to act pleased, she looks like she has taken Dexedrine intravenously.

She makes things difficult for Ben and Meg, and I'm sick of Meg being a cow and running to Casey. Also, if she left maybe that brat Benji would go away too. I don't mind Maria that much but she bats her eyelashes too much and the actress is terrible!

Because Maria is the best on the show, Meg should be thrown back into the ocean

Samantha Wilcox
She is so annoying when she looks at you with those little puppy dog eyes I want to slap them out of her head and as for Olivia when she gets started trying to be evil she looks so pathetic!!!

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